Thursday, 26 September 2013

Mid-Century Pattern - Versatile Sun Sweater

It's a beautiful sunny day here - perfect for school holidays.

After a walk on the beach with the kids and dogs I got stuck onto the garden - I have a plan now!  I am going to do circular dug and mulched garden beds and surround them with dog proof wire - this seems the cheapest and easiest option that will let me get my spring planting done asap (photos to come). After a few hours digging I was exhausted, and the kids decided they were hungry, so we broke for a swim and lunch - scrambled eggs with eggs from our chickens.

So today a quick and easy post  - a sweet little tank top from 1952 (Australian Women's Weekly, 3 September) in small bust size 32 to 36 inches -

free vintage pattern, 1950s tank top

It's so sweet - maybe I'll attempt one for my daughter.

♥ Deb

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