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Siedler's 'house of the future' - 1954

In May 1954 the 'house of the future' was unveiled at the Architectural and Building Exhibition in the Sydney Town Hall.
Testing the assembly of the 'future house' at the factory in NSW
Testing the assembly of the 'future house' at the factory in NSW
Architect Harry Siedler planned the streamlined house as a solution to post-war the housing crisis in Australia.  As typified the mid-century modern trend in the US (where Siedler had studied), he wanted to replace 'wasteful' handicraft methods with a streamlined steel frame assembled from machine made parts.

A one bedroom home was built for display purposes, but Seidler's design was flexible enough to allow for different sixes and configurations.

Plan of the 'future house' 1954 by Harry Siedler  Plan of the 'future house' 1954 by Harry Siedler

In each design though is a north facing wall made entirely out of plate glass, specially designed to let in the light but repel the heat - partly fixed and partly in sliding frames.  Long metal sunshades and an insulated roof space would also protect the home from to much heat and glare.

Other innovative features included a kitchen unit incorporating a fridge, sink, stove and garbage disposal unit, and pre-fabricated bathroom unit with a shower, basin, toilet, flooring and walls.

bathroom Plan of the 'future house' 1954 by Harry Siedler

Harry Siedler also designed the interiors and furniture for the 'house of the future.' 

Interior drawings for Siedler's 'house of the future'

Interior of Siedler's 'house of the future'

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