Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Thrifty on Tuesday - How to cut a bob and new clothes

I was a little late with my thrift shopping today. I had a bad hair morning, so decided to cut and dye my hair. I haven't had it cut professionally in over a year, but I usually get it cut into a bob each winter, the only time here it's cool enough for me to wear my hair down - if you look at instagram you will see some before photos. I have also been really into the 1930s this week, and a bob seems very 30s to me, but feeling extra poor this month, I decided to give it a go myself. 

How to cut a Bob
I put my hair into a pony tail on the top of my hair and snipped off about two inches - it was just below shoulder length- to get layers. Then I did another pony tail on the centre nape of my neck, and snipped off the whole thing. 


I also put in a blonde colour, which didn't really bleach it as I had hoped, but at least covered the grey roots!

You can't see the back, but is a little shorter, sort of a concave. I am quite happy with the result, and the price, just $6.99 for the color! I am thinking of going a little lighter, maybe with a bit of peroxide and baking powder....and one day I might even try real 30 style waves instead of just scrunch drying it.


As to the thrift shopping, this week I found two dresses for me, a TS14+ top, a wool wrap and a country road towelling robe - all $2 each. I may even do photos of me in them one day.....

On Vinnies $1 rack I found a Roger David burgundy metallic shirt for hubby, a long floral satin nightie and leopard print top for me.

I also got a Maggie T t-shirt and a vintage Katie's polka dot blouse for my mum and daughter.

And these adorable ear muffs - new in boxes - 3 pairs for $5. Just the thing for these chilly winter mornings, and afternoons, obviously!

So for under $30 I have gone shopping and had my hair done - a very thrifty day!

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