Friday, 18 November 2011

Planning a Vintage Style Buffet Diner


Birthday time for me, and I am planning a bit 0f a party – with a vintage feel of course!


Seeing its getting hot here in Mackay, we will start with cocktails and canapés by the pool, and then a cold buffet dinner in the back yard, followed by another buffet of desserts.  I think there will be abut 22 adults coming, plus abut 16 children, so a buffet seems best.  This is the menu plan (with recipes from Mrs Beaton’s 1960 edition, and Practical Cookery from 1955), which may change  bit depending on what I get at the market tomorrow and how motivated I am feeling.


ritz biscuits with piped pate

toothpicks with cheese, onions/pineapple and kabana,

smoked oysters and fresh oysters

pinwheel sandwiches with cream cheese

prunes wrapped in bacon

Main – all cold

sliced cooked meats – pork and beef

chicken drumsticks

potato salad, green salad, lettuce cups with fish salad, cabbage salad, carrot salad

bread rolls and plate of butter curls


Apricot Trifle

Coffee layer cake or marble cake with butter icing

lemon meringue pie

orange soufflé

Fruit salad

Today I went to the thrift shop bought an extra table ($10), knives and forks (40 @ 20c each), a punch bowl and cups ($5), a retro cane suite ($30), and a couple of little side tables ($5).  I also went and bought a new record player, so I can play all the old records  I have ($48).

PB180092   PB180094

Unfortunately after a great day of saving money I dented my car by backing into a pole in the new shopping car-park. Why put a short pole in the middle 0f a car-park?!

PB180093  Poor Cherry Baby!

Party and food Photos soon,

Deb xx


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