Sunday, 20 November 2011

Vintage style garden buffet & a frog


My birthday party was a success I think – at least I had a wonderful time and it was great  to catch up with friends I hadn't seen in a while.  The night was perfect, no rain and not too hot and steamy.  My vintage 3 piece sun room-suite was a hit too – very comfy, if not a bit had to get up out of!  The long table was set up next to it in the back yard, with lights strung across -  a long pole in place of the umbrella held up the lights in the middle to give a tent like feel.  Here we are at the start of the evening (hi girls!).

PB190007   PB190004

The menu changed a bit to what I had planned, especially the canap├ęs.  They take so long to prepare – I remember now why I usually just d a cheese platter an dips!  Chicken livers could not be found anywhere, so the ritz biscuits with piped pate became crackers and cheese.  The toothpicks with cheese, pickled onions and kabana we did, but the oysters, prunes and bacon and pinwheels became pumpernickel squares with cream cheese and smoked salmon.


The Main Buffet was still all cold, with sliced cooked meats – pork. lamb and beef, and skinless chicken drumsticks - potato salad, green salad, coleslaw and bean salad, but no lettuce cups with fish salad.  We did have home made bread rolls though, and punch in the punch bowl.


Dessert was Apricot Trifle, marble cake with bright aqua butter icing, lemon meringue pie, jellies in oranges, Fruit salad , cherries, plus ice cream and cream, plus friends brought muffins, chocolate brownie slice, cherry cheesecake, mud-cake and apple and sour cream slice. what a feast!

PB190014 The star of the night was a green tree frog balancing on an electric cord,  which the children loved. 


After everyone had left my husband found a cicada emerging from it’s chrysalis (on the esky cover) – sort of a nice metaphor for a birthday I thought!


Make of that what you will!

Deb xxx

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