Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Retro Christmas Gifts for kids


Since my last post I have had the flu, recovered, gone back to work, flooded my ebay storeroom and attended numerous Christmas concerts and school awards ceremonies.  This means not have only have I not been blogging, I have virtually no Christmas gifts organised!

What to do?  Although I love thrift, not all my family agrees vintage, recycled and environmentally friendly is the way to go.  My eldest two want an i-phone  and my youngest son a remote control something.  Miss ten is getting is trip to Melbourne to stay with Grandma, so she only needs something little, and Miss six dearly wants a toy santa.  Her soft toy collection is already to large to fit on her bed, but she says she will donate some if a toy santa arrives.

Personally, if I can’t buy vintage, retro or vintage inspired is the next best thing.   Here are some lovely vintage inspired toys and games I’ve found online.


A table tennis set to convert any table – I saw one recently on "Manor House', where the  father and son played on the enormous dining room table.   This set is under $30 from Vintage Nostalgia

At $35 this retro robot also from Vintage Nostalgia is so cute (and cheaper than true vintage which are around $400 upwards)– will this count as remote control?!


If you are in the US, or have a birthday you need a gift for in 2012, Tin Toys is a great website with a huge range of robots, and other toys including merry go rounds.  They also have glass and tin tree ornaments, such as these cute glass robots from Japan.


In the past I have bought automoblox for my children.  They are wooden pull apart cars with plastic detail, and be interchanged to create new vehicles.  Suitable for ages three and up and price from $20 to $80.  A new model this year is the hot rod, which I think is vintage inspired, available from Rudy and the Dodo.  Even my daughter wants this one!


Vintage Nostalgia also have a lovely paper doll set.


These are sturdy stand up cardboard dolls, with clothes, and sells for just under $50.  If you have a colour printer and time, you could make your own.  Downloadable original 50s and 60s  dolls can be found at Betsy McCall.

jan doll   dec doll

I really want to try these!

Board games are always great over the holidays – we love this retro snakes and ladders based on a 1920s version.  I got mine in a fantastic toy sop in Lygon Street, Melbourne, but you can also find it online at Birchalls.


For a popular stocking filler, slinky’s are always good – they were invented in the 1940s so are definitely retro.    They can be found for about $10 at most toy stores, or online at Peanut Gallery, which also has a great range of environmentally friendly and some retro toys.  The tin kaleidoscope is about $12.

220px-Slinky_ad_1946      slinky   kal

I have even found a vintage santa toy – on Etsy of course!


So I have put my orders in - I just hope it all arrives in time!

Happy shopping, Deb xxx


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