Saturday, 4 May 2013

Seeing Stars - 1930s Design

In yesterday's post there was a picture of Chanel's Com├Ęte necklace from 1932 - which I loved.  Today, some more stars from the 30s. Shapes that is, not the Hollywood version.

1930s Star-Shaped Crystal Chandelier by Weinstein

3 Italian Star Shaped Lanterns, Venice, 1930s

1930s Star Brooch
The Texeco Star, c. 1930s

Crochet small Swedish tablecloth star about 1930
 1930s Knitted Star Beret
I love the beret, and the pattern is available on Etsy. hmmm....

Deb xx


  1. Ohhh the star brooch is just divine. As is the beret. Go on, you know you want to knit yourself that beret. It would look fabulous on you!

  2. You are sweet - unfortunately my knitting is probably not up to it yet.


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