Monday, 5 August 2013

TVs & Fun with Packaging

My new dining chairs came in rather large boxes - three of them.  Although my daughter grabbed two for storage, my eight year old son decided one would make a great TV.

When I told him it looked like a TV my parents used to own, he thought I was joking - he is used to our flat screen TVs.   But then I found this image from about 1960.

vintage TV set with colour picture
Fair to say his jaw dropped open! "Wow mum, you used to watch a TV like that?"  "Well, no, not really," I told him - "ours was in black and white".  Australia didn't have colour TV until the 1970s. "Oh Mum, poor you - and you didn't even have a computer!"

How did we ever manage? No wonder I spent my childhood drawing and colouring!

By the way, you can see my new chair fabric draped on a living room chair in the first photo - more on that soon.

Deb xx


  1. LOL. My grade 6 class was the first to use computers in our school. It was one of those green screened ones that didn't do much except let you type. My kids can't even imagine a time before google and youtube.

    1. I remember those. I used to hate computers at school - it seemed so boring!

  2. Haha! that's so great, kids don't do enough of this kind of thing anymore. I remember making my friend into Bertie Basset with boxes haha


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