Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Fashion and Figure Problems Solved, 1953

Today some fashion advice for different figures, from 1953.  Basically if you are large or plump, don't wear full-skirted dresses, and if you're slender, do.

Fashion illustration solving figure problems with fashion, 1953

Fashion illustration solving figure problems with fashion, 1953
From the Australian Women's Weekly, December 1953

So as a tall, large woman I should wear deep Vs and simple cuts - which I usually do, although I love the occasional full skirted dress.

I love the neckline of the black dress in the first page, and the skirt of the blue floral dress on page two.
I recently bought this pattern, which has a similar style skirt, and an interesting neckline (not V-neck though!)

You may notice the scan code in the corner - it connects to an institutional video, which you can find here.  It is very detailed, and includes how to choose your size and work out how much fabric you need. If I can find a nice crepe or damask I might give it a go.  Firstly this weekend I am going to rearrange things so I have a place to sew with air-con, as my fan-less dining room is just too hot.  Then I will defiantly have no excuses not to sew!

Have you got any sewing projects on the go?

Deb xx


  1. Actually I recently picked up sewing and knitting after years of doing nothing. And realised it´s both rewarding and relaxing...
    Just finished a dress (the famous Anna by Hand London) and my next will be a hybrid dress made up in a retro cloth from 20thCentury Cloth.

    1. Well done! I would love to see them. I couldn't see them on your blog - will you post them?


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